The Glass Onion Society

A gorgeous artistic and 'hippie' inspired cafe with fabulous staff, divine food and a family friendly vibe.

The Glass Onion Society has to be one of my favourite family friendly cafes on the Central Coast.  As well as the AMAZING food (and occasional menu change) the staff and the surroundings are top class.  Located conveniently on The Entrance Road there is plenty of side street parking, high chairs for the bubs, room for a pram or three, indoor and outdoor dining and is open for breakfast and lunch.  Order anything on their glorious menu - you wont be disappointed!


The Glass Onlon Society


They have a kids drinks menu but no kids food menu as such but they have some of the best banana bread we've ever had and cater well to the kids with the adult menu items eg. anything a bit adventurous can go on the side. 

The Glass Onion Society, Long Jetty, NSW
Age Group
All Ages
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The Glass Onion Society, Long Jetty, NSW
Breakfast and Lunch