AusMumpreneur Awards Finalist

Eileen Stapleton

AusMumpreneur Award Finalists

Here's our entry anyway;

Eileen & Kathrine, KIDsize Living

AusMumpreneur of the Year 

We are two mums who feel so privileged to combine our two greatest passions; raising our kids and helping parents find things to do with kids; to help them create special, magical moments every day. We love getting out and about, exploring and trying new things. Our business now helps other mums start their own KIDsize Living business in their local area so they too can share all their local knowledge and provide a valuable resource for families. We want KIDsize Living to be available all over the world.

What inspired you to start your business? (50 words or less)
KIDsize Living came about, as we could never find anything to do with our kids locally. We would miss major events or shows that we know we would have loved. It purely started as our own resource and then thought so many parents would benefit from this knowledge and started to share it.

What do you love about being a mumpreneur? (50 words or less)
I love being so connected with my children, being able to go to their school for reading, even just walking them to school is magical. I love being able to support my family financially while still have a sense of independence and self worth with my business.

What has been your greatest challenge & how have you addressed this? (100 words or less)
When we licensed our business the biggest challenge we faced was finding the right people. We suddenly had to deal with other people and manage their expectations. We learnt never to ‘assume’ anything and always set clear guidelines and communicate often. We also learnt to understand that each person is different and once we ‘got’ this we could create a happy working relationship. We also learnt to be very selective in who we now choose to run a KIDsize Living as they need to have our same values, understand business in general and be willing to do the necessary work to succeed.

What have been your major achievements in the past 12 months? (100 words or less)
Our major achievement has been licensing our site; being able to duplicate our site/brand and everything we have done to grow our business and share it with others to create a KIDsize Living in their local area. Having incredible women come on board to take on their different areas and seeing our brand grow on a grass roots level has been amazing. We are also proud to be a voice for local communities and can actively be involved in raising money and necessary gifts for local hospitals and charity organisations.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about becoming a mumpreneur? (100 words or less)
I would say ‘go for it’, dive in and figure out the details as you go along. You’re biggest hurdle is generally fear; so if you don’t over think it and dive right in, you will have pushed past that barrier. However, continue to have income coming in or cash flow for at least a year so you don’t have that pressure. Work around the clock or in pockets of time to make it work. Surround yourself with supportive people and become an action taker; think of something and do it, success likes speed! Also, don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle or end - focus on your own path and do the work!

Why do you believe you should win this award? (100 words or less)
I think we should win as we have grown so much and have so much more to give. We want to share all our learning’s with everyone. We have realised that being of service is far more valuable and rewarding than winning or being the most successful. Once we became a business of service, everything fell in to place. We love being the voice for local communities and bringing together great resources and information for everyone to enjoy.